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Upcoming Events:   

* Summer COBA

Sectional Tournament:

June 1 - 3, 2018 at

the Haimerl Center.

* Flying Buckeye

Regional: Sept 4 - 9,

2018 at Wright Patterson AF Base


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LIFE MASTER AWARDS DAY - - APRIL 28, 2018 - Afternon

Enjoying presentations of Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney 2017 Awards,

21 fables competed during the afternoon. Winners in each flight include:

Flight A N-S

Anita Torrence/Kelley Dillon, Judy Auer/Suman Agarwal,

Eva Allen/Dan Loveland.

Flight B N-S

Dan Loveland/Eva Allen, Janelle Courtright/Sally Eggleston,

Diane Halloran/Ron Rybak.

Flight C N-S

Diane Halloran/Ron Rybak, Eric Soiu/Ron Taylor, Kathy

Fellows/Diane Russell

Flight A E-W

Margaret Gutmann/Judy Krasnoff, Rick Hobart/Bob Jiobu,

Phyllis Allmacher/Sam Hinkle.

Flight B E-W

Judy Krasnoff/Margaret Gutmann, Bob Jiobu/Rick Hobart,

Tamara & Andrew Moulton.

Flight C-W Sue Bishel/Tom Bishel, Tim Kington/Corey Sanders, Marilyn

Wallace/Roberta Troll.

LIFE MASTER AWARDS DAY - - APRIL 28, 2018 - Evening

Flight A N-S

Anita Torrence/Kelley Dillon, Terry James/George

St Pierre, Nalita Hall/Joe Barnard

Flight B N-S

Nanci Heller/Ginny Sanders, Sally Eggleston/Janelle

Courtright, Sherry Allison/Rick Ramey

Flight C N-S

Lynn Allton/Cindy Windsor, Betty Ann Wernet/Joe Wernet,

Roberta Troll/Marilyn Wallace

Flight A E-W

Tom Bishel/Jim Bishel, Sam Hinkle/Phyllis Allmacher

Faith Fraser/John Hosterman

Blight B E-W Jim Bishel/Tom Bishel, Tamara Moulton/Andrew

Moulton, Ronald Taylor/Eric Soiu

Flight C E-W Eric Soiu/Ron Taylor, Diane Russell/Kathy Fellows,

Ron Rybak, Diane Halloran


                                   D i s t r i c t-W i d e S T a C


Set aside Monday, April 9 through Sunday, April 15 for a Spring

Sectional Tournament at the Columbus Bridge Center. Players will

compete district-wide in the week’s ALL-SILVER-POINT AWARDS.

Identical hands will be played throughout participating clubs in District 11.

Plan your games and let us know if you need help finding a partner.

Considerate and Conscientious?

Be One of Those Players!

It is very hard for the directors to completely change the

movement, when we do NOT know that you’re arriving late. We love

you for arriving 10 minutes before game time OR simply giving us a

call if you’ll be late. Also, we appreciate your leaving your table area

as it existed when you started your game. Please return cups &

glasses to the counter, place floor debris in the trash, push chairs

into the tables. Thank you for helping us keep the club nice!



     ACBL players competing in the above race annually, compete for the most pigmented masterpoints (those won in tournaments) in each membership category. Be sure to join us at this year’s Awards Game(s) and Dinner on Saturday, April 28, 2018.  Awards are presented at our annual Life Master Awards Banquet.  Our Unit 122 leaders are honored for tournament points earned from 1/1/17 to 12/31/17. A summary of the Mini-McKenney awards is as follows:


  Karen Clemency ranks first in the 0-5 Mini-McKenney in our Unit and 5th in the North American Race, with 99.97 tournament points, followed by Diane Halloran,Tony Ahern & Leslie Laufman. Other Unit winners are:

  5-20   Steve Bishel - first

  20-50  John Bishel  - first

  50-100  Tom Bishel - first - Ron Rybak -second   

  100-200  Phil Gathfirst

  200-300 Joe Wernetfirst,Janet Cordova-2nd,Jo Anne Paynter-3rd

  300 – 500 Dan Loveland1st,Andrew Moulton-2nd,Frank Paynter, 3rd

  1000-1500 Alex Khrakovsky 1st,  Jane Witherspoon,2nd

2500-3500 Mary J Gladfelter,Mike Gladfelter 1st- 2nd, Sam Hinkle, 3rd

 3500-5000  Larry Jones 1st, Doug Millsap -2nd  , Suman Agarwal-third

  5000 - 7500  Charles Kopp - first,  Siraj Haji second

  7500 -  10,000  Cheryl Schneider -first, George St Pierre - second  >10,000  Jim Bachelder-first, Doug Simson-2nd,  Anita Torrence- 3rd

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Congratulations!  

 Earning points in a Thursday evening Franklin Club game, helped

 Ron Scott  achieve Life Master status, playing with his life partner, Karen.  Equally talented, Lou Rakocy, attained his Life Master designation last month, at the Bridge Center. Our Best Wishes and hopes for many Happy Bridge Games, in the years to come.


         Each year our players vie for the most masterpoints won in the ACBL’s Ace of Clubs Awards (points won at bridge clubs) and Mini-McKenney  Awards (points won at COBA Sectional Tournaments. Awards are presented at our annual Life Master Awards Banquet. Whether you are a novice player with few points or an accomplished player with thousands of master points, you are competing in these races, as an ACBL member. The leaders of the unit 122, with points earned from 1/1/17 to 12/31/17, are as follows:





Some of the highlights  of the players from our club  are posted below:


  Karen Clemency  ranks first in the 0-5 Ace of Clubs Unit Race, with

  75.74 master points earned last year. Diane Halloran & Tony Ahern are

  2nd and 3rd.

  Ann Hoaglin ranks first in the 5-20 Masterpoint Race with

  12.85 points, followed by Tom Hoaglin & Ingrid Biery.

  Ann Redner  placed second in the 20-50 Masterpoint Unit Race

  with 24.44 points, while John Bishel & Sherry Seress are 5th & 6th.

  Ron Rybak ranks first in our Unit’s 50-100 Masterpoint Race with

  64.84 points. Tom Bishel and Kathy Fellows rank 2nd and 4th.

  Phil Gath is first contender in the 100-200 masterpoint Race with 55.20

  points; Bob Davis and Dominic Nickoloff win 2nd & 3rd positions.

  Joe Wernet  ranks first in the Ace of Clubs Race, 200-300 MPs,

  winning 117.44 points. Jo Anne Paynter and Janet Cordova are 2nd &

  4th respectively.

  Andrew Moulton ranks in the 300-500 Club MP Race with105.57 points

   won.  Dan Loveland is 2nd, with Frank Paynter, placing fourth.

  Larry Kennedy (Mansfield) leads the 500-1000 MP Race in our Unit with

  81.74 points, while Tim Kohl follows close behind, winning 81.20 points.

  Jane Witherspoon is first, leading the 1000-2500 Unit Race earning

  140.35 club master points in 2017. Bob Jiobu and John Beach rank 2nd

  and 3rd in the Race.   

  Marty Seltzer leads the 1500 to 2500 MP Race with 95.59 pts, followed

   by Mae Hill with 90.54 points won.

  Sam Hinkle is first in the 2500-3500 MP Race with 273.80 MPs. Judy

  Zimmerman and Norma Nickoloff are 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

  Gary Shade is first in the 3500-6,000 MP Race winning 287.89.

  Charlie Kopp is first In the 5000-7500 bracket with 128.11 pts.

  George St Pierre leads the 7500-10,000, winning 193.22 MPs.

  Jim Bachelder won the >10,000 MP Race with 239 points.