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Upcoming Events:

• NAP flight –C: Sept 23, 2018, District 11 final with 2 sessions: 10:00 am & 2:30 pm. Winners receive a subsidy to complete in the Spring NAP finals in the Memphis TN.


  Month of October: ACBL’s  Club Appreciation Pair & Team Games held awarding 81.8% sectional-rated black points (fractional gold points awarded in team games)

  October 19-21:

COBA Sectional Tournament at the Haimerl Center on Morse Rd. BridgePlus lectures & lunch after the 9:00 am Friday AM game.

Read Midwest Monitor  2017 4Q

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Need a Partner?

call the Club at 459-9744
Need directions to our club? Click here!


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July, 2018    HIGHEST       POINT  WINNERS!

Non-Life Master Players                       All Players

 1. Ron Rybak                                       1.  Gary Shade

 2. Karen Clemency                               2.  George St Pierre

 3. Diane Halloran                                  3.  Sam Hinkle

 4. Jimmy Liacos                                   4.  Jim Bachelder

 5. Joan Buffington                               5.  Cheryl Schneider

 6. Dennis Fisher                                   6.  Larry Jones

 7. John Heft                                         7.  Doug Millsap

 8. Daniel Frank                                    8.  Mae Hill

 9. Charles Murray                               9.  Tom Bishel

10. Fred Bradshaw                              10. Judy  Zimmerman


Marsha Reall’s Fall Classes at the Bridge Center

Beginning September 15, 2018 - 10:30 am to 12:30 pm


2/1 Bidding Class

 This 8-week course will apply the four cornerstones of 2/1 game force. These   include 1NT Forcing, Fast Arrival, Law of Total Tricks, and 2/1 in a lower ranking   suit which forces to game. It is designed to give partnerships more bidding space, both to find the best game contract and the ability to explore slam possibilities.  We’ll also focus on handling interfering bids and examine slam bidding!



Beginning September 16, 2018 - 4:00 PM to 5:45 PM


Refresher Bridge


This 8-week class is ideal for the experienced beginner as well as the player who needs a refresher or review of modern bridge. We'll cover NoTrump, Major and Minor suit bidding, Interference, Pre-Empts, etc. Slam bidding will be included, as well.

Beginning September 16, 2018 - 6:00 PM to 7:45 PM


Beginner Bridge

 This class is ideal for the new player, and will focus on evaluating your opening   hand and modern bidding techniques. Have fun and make new friends learning the world’s most exciting game! 8 weeks.

   Call Marsha at 614-638-3033 with questions and to enroll.

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     Each Tuesday, after the Handicapped Pairs Game, at 11:30 am,

  students are invited to join Joyce Penn, for a free roundtable

  discussion of “Hands You Hate,” from the bridge hands that

  were played that day.


         COBA’s Newest Life Masters

                  Upcoming Stars


          Tom Bishel    Siva Gopal